Since the launch of our new archives catalogue system, we have been working hard at scanning, preparing and adding new entries. Another 250 records have been uploaded to the system bringing the total to 1,250 catalogue entries. As some of our collections are large we are continuously adding more of these, so there are now another 50 Sedbergh photographs, 50 newspaper cuttings and 30 more ephemera from 1998 (with more to come from that year).

30 book titles have been included, though due to copyright they are only accessible in our History Room or through enquiries, but these provide insight into what is available for research.  Other new material are five records under the ‘Registers’ collection. It may not sound like much, but these are for the Quaker registers (birth, marriage, death) for Sedbergh, Garsdale, Dent, Leayat and Ravenstonedale. Lastly, we have added 90 wills, most are from the 18th century, with others from the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries. If you are related to the Capstick family, you are in luck as 39 of the wills are from this one name!

We would also like to send out a big thanks to John Bownass who was the first to add a note to one of our records helping to identify several people in one of our Garsdale slides! If you come across a record that you can provide more details for, please don’t hesitate to do so, this is how we hope to increase our knowledge for everyone’s benefit.